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Education:      B.A. Pennsylvania Military College (now Widener University): 1972
                       J.D. Magna Cum Laude, Gonzaga University School of Law: 1978
Military Service: 1st Lt. U.S. Army, 1972-1975
Married to Shirley Wall (Teacher, South Kitsap School District)  Three sons: Max, Kevin, and Patrick
Profession: Trial Attorney
Hobbies: avid reader, hiking, cross-country skiing, fishing, and very bad golf
Mr. Wall worked in Seattle for the first 12 years of his career, commuting to his Kitsap County home on the Washington State Ferry. In Seattle, he was a trial attorney, working primarily in the areas or Admiralty and Maritime law, products liability, the U.S. Longshore Act, and personal injury claims. In 1990, he moved his office to Kitsap County. He continues to handle all sorts of litigation, with an emphasis on civil cases.
Mr. Wall has been awarded an AV rating by Martindale-Hubble.  This is the highest rating available for legal skill and ethical behavior.
Mr. Wall is in his 30th year of trying civil and maritime cases, involving hundreds of trials, before judges and juries. He is often selected as an arbitrator and mediator by other lawyers. He serves as a Hearing Officer for the Washington State Bar Association, acting as a judge in cases concerning legal ethics. He also is the author of chapters in several legal reference books. His work experience is summarized below:
Trial and Appellate Experience
  • Jury and Bench trials, representing Plaintiffs and Defendants, in 12 Counties of the State of Washington, U.S. District Court, Western District of Washington at Tacoma and Seattle, and Ketchikan Borough Superior Court, Alaska.
  • Administrative Hearings before Federal Administrative Law Judges, U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Workers Compensation Programs and Administrative Law Judges, U.S. Coast Guard.

Appeals briefed and Argued in:

  • Supreme Court of the United States
  • Supreme Court of the State of Washington
  • Supreme Court of Alaska
  • U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit
  • Court of Appeals, Divisions I and II, State of Washington
  • Benefits Review Board, U.S. Department of Labor
Washington Supreme Court
Shute v. Carnival Cruise Lines, 113 Wn.2d 763, 783 P.2d 78 (1989) (This case is studied in most civil procedure law books.)
Cox v. Spangler, 141 Wn.2d 431, 5 P.3d 1265 (1989)
Alaska Supreme Court
Oaksmith v. Brusich, 774 P.2d 191 (Alaska, 1989)
Washington Court of Appeals
Howarth-Tuomey v. Vining, ___Wn. App.___, WL 2039605 (2011)
Cox v. O'Brien and DeMers, 150 Wn. App. 24, 206 P.3d 682 (2009), Rev. Denied 167 Wn.2d 1006 (2009)
City of Port Orchard v. Rolfs, 136 Wn. App. 1030 (2006)
Reed's Meadow, LLC v. Herdman, 127 Wn. App. 1023 (2005)
Saathoff v. Kitsap County, 112 Wn. App. 1012 (2002)
Kibler v. Armstrong, 105 Wn. App. 1027 (2002)
Bess v. Brumbaugh, 93 Wn. App. 1022 (1998)
Cox v. Spangler, 90 Wn. App. 1028 (1998)
Murphy v. Tardiff, 90 Wn. App. 1025 (1998)
Sheppard v. Horluck Transportation Company, 90 Wn. App. 1025 (1998)
Shute v. Carnival Cruise Lines, 499 U.S. 586, 111 S.Ct. 1522, 113 L.Ed.2d 622 (1991)
Hemphill v. Kinchloe, 987 F.2d 589 (1993)
Shute v. Carnival Cruise Lines, 934 F.2d 1091 (1991)
Providence Washington Insurance v. Director, O.W.C.P., 765 F.2d 1381 (1985)
Kodiak Fishing, Inc. v. M/V. Pacific Pride, 1982 American Maritime Cases 2089 (U.S. D.C. 1982)
Hendren v. Wilson, Clallam County Superior Court, 2011 (Alleged traumatic Brain Injury)
Huntington v. Mueller and Henry, Clallam County Superior Court, 2011 (Multiple vehicle collision)
Freeman v. Tumwater Lanes, Inc., Thurston County Superior Court, 2011 (slip and fall at bowling center)
Bartrug v. Moreira, Kitsap County Superior Court, 2010 (personal injury from auto accident)
Marohn v. Peterson, Mason County Superior Court, 2010 (breach of real estate contract)
Howarth-Tuomey v. Vining, Thurston County Superior Court, 2009 (timber trespass, waste)
Loving v. White, Jefferson Superior Court, 2008
Cox v. DeMers, Kitsap County Superior Court, 2007 (economic Loss rule, misrepresentation)
Hankins v. Hussey, Clallam Superior Court, 2007
Roberts v. Appell, Jefferson Superior Court, 2007
Garrietz v. Peyton, Kitsap Superior Court, 2007
Magnuson v. State of Washington, Kitsap Superior Court, 2006
Butchart v. State of Washington, Pierce Superior Court, 2002      (wrongful death)
Holman v. Jones, Pierce Superior Court, 2001
Sangder v. McCabe, Thurston Superior Court, 2000      (loss of limb)
Vogelgesang v. Van Zanten, Thurston Superior Court, 1999
Woodland v. Miller, Pierce Superior Court, 1999
Kuklinski v. Hess, Kitsap Superior Court, 1999
Nestegard v. Minihan, Pierce Superior Court, 1998
Moon v. Phillips, Kitsap Superior Court, 1998
Ragan v. Hinson, Kitsap Superior Court, 1998
Cox v. Spangler, Pierce Superior Court, 1997
Hamilton v. Kitsap County, Pierce Superior Court, 1995      (quadriplegia)
Wellbrock v. Alvarado, Kitsap Superior Court, 1995      (wrongful death)
Britton v. Arasim, Skagit Superior Court, 1995
Lindberg v. Kinchloe, Thurston Superior Court, 1995
Sonesouphab v. Stricklen, Pierce Superior Court, 1994
Quist v. Kussman, Pierce Superior Court, 1994
Sorenson v. Lange, U.S. Dist. Court Tacoma, 1993      (Collision between vessels)
Frame v. Sinclaire, Kitsap Superior Court, 1993
Reed v. Binford, Kitsap Superior Court, 1992
King v. The Austin Company, King Superior Court, 1990
Hjaltoson v. M/V Arctic Sea, King Superior Court, 1984      (loss of eye)
Smith v. Crowley Maritime Corportation, U.S. Dist. Court, Seattle, 1981
Types of cases tried
(representing Plaintiff’s and Defendants)
  • Wrongful Death
  • Catastrophic Injury cases (quadriplegia, paraplegia, severe head injuries, amputations)
  • Highway Design and Maintenance
  • Government Liability
  • Personal Injury
  • Products Liability
  • Maritime Products Liability
  • Asbestos Litigation
  • Maritime Personal Injury
  • Maritime Commercial Disputes
  • Maritime Collisions
  • Maritime Cargo claims
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Employment Law
  • Civil Rights Cases
  • Will Contests
  • Property Damage
  • Dog Bites
  • Assaults
  • Timber Trespass
  • Insurance Disputes
  • Real Estate Disputes
Often selected as an arbitrator and mediator in civil cases.
Washington State Bar Association and Kitsap County Bar Association
  • Chaired Executive Board, Litigation Section, Washington State Bar Association
  • Washington State Bar Association Hearing Officer (Judge for cases involving lawyer discipline)
  • Served as Member of Professionalism Committee
  • Served as Member of Professional Liability Insurance Committee
  • Contributing Author: Washington Civil Trial and Evidence Manual
  • Contributing Author: Washington Civil Procedure Deskbook
  • Seminar Chair, Litigation Section Mid-Year Seminar, 1994
  • Speaker, W.S.T.L.A., First Annual Tort Law Seminar, 1990
  • Speaker, Longshore Administrators Association, Spring Seminar, 1995v
  • Speaker, WSBA Law Practice and Management Section, Technology Seminar, 1997
  • Featured Speaker, General Civil Practice Seminar, Public Defender’s Association, 1998
  • Served as Trustee, Kitsap County Bar Association
  • Recipient of Professionalism Award, Kitsap County Bar Association